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Philadelphia Eagles Year in Review

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:43 am
by lionlocker
Long time no see, Eagles fans! After a long season of watching our hometown team I am going to pretend to be the owner and give an evaluation at the end of they year. Presumably we all have had some type of employment in our lives where our bosses sit us down and give a compliment sandwich. Which basically means our bosses will tell us what we’ve done well, what we need to improve on and then end the evaluation with some type of positivity for the future. This week feature the positives, so I’ve compiled a list of positives and negatives from this season and where our eagles should go from

The secondary looks legit Dragos and Ibarra are as legit as a safety tandem as I’ve seen and have turned that Philadelphia Eagles secondary into almost a “no fly zone”. Their rank for Yards per attempt was 2nd this year, which means for our non-football analytics crowd means that our secondary has done an excellent job in slowing down the efficiency of their opponents passing game or in layman’s terms opposing quarterbacks are not able to just call deep shots on this defense or are able to run across the field at will and also if you look at the numbers of average attempts per game is 39.6 which is 2nd in the league so teams are trying to pass but they cannot. Those of you who like the stat of completion percentage our defense this year was second in completion percentage, holding opposing quarterbacks to a whopping 55% completion percentage that again is 2nd in the league. The next question becomes if this team can get this pass rush together, how much better can these numbers get? Can they lead to more takeaways, more sacks more wins?

I know, I know. Larry Fernell Couldn’t have had a worse rookie season, but there are some positives there despite the fact he gave up a whopping 23 sacks this year he did play AND start all 16 games as a rookie and in the building many of the decision makers still believe he’s their franchise left tackle. So if they’re not worried I for sure am not worried. So, if I’m looking at the other rookies and their contributions this year. The Eagles had 4 rookies that played in all 16 games this year and three of them were taken outside of the first round, those are some real diamonds in the rough. Hopefully Fernell can live up to his potential and be that franchise left tackle we’re hoping him to be but his fellow draft class- mates have all found somewhat of a niche on this team. If all of them can build off their rookie seasons the future in Philadelphia looks bright.

-Close Competition
I understand that this is the NFL and most games are close until the end but stick with me here. The Eagles lost 5 games by one possession or less if we were to split that number in half we’re adding 3 more wins to our 6 win total giving us 9 wins and a better chance at a playoff berth. I’m well aware that we can do this the other way around and say what if we lost the one possession games we ended up winning. However for the sake of the exercise lets look at things optimistically and say we missed opportunities to capitalize, those timely mistakes make all the difference if they can clean up some costly turn overs and protect the quarterback a bit better my guess is that our win total could be on the rise.