Giants Season Preview

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Giants Season Preview

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The 2034 Giants had a bit of a down year and haven't been in the playoffs since 2030.

A down year from QB Ben Bostic was a significant part of the Giants not reaching the playoffs.

Last year's group finished 3-13 which led to the firing of long time coach Pep Hamilton and the hiring of Adam Gase. Coach Gase has not had a losing record in 4 years. An old school coach at the age of 69. Offensive Coordinator Marcus Gilbert was brought in to implement the Erhardt Perkins offense after the attempt to go to a more balanced offense under Kerry Robertson. Defensive Coordinator Darren Rizzi now returns for his 8th season.

SS Wes Arora leads the defense with 116 tackles which was 4th in the league.

The Good,

Not much went well for the Giants as they were middle of the road or worst in all categories. Giants ranked 28th in passing offense and passing defense.


Jonathan Roby DE signed from Green bay for 77 million over 4 years. He take over for Joey Bosa. Roby had 13.5 sacks last year which was 3rd in the APFL. Giants expect that by increasing pressure on the QB this will improve the pass defense.

Geoff Williamson OLB talented Line Backer who made 90 tackles last year. This should take some pressure off of Wes Arora to add pressure at the line of scrimmage. He can play inside as well as outside.

Malik Hiles T backup Tackle brought in to provide some depth at the tack position from Dallas. Kevin Reliford and Hiles are expected to compete for the RT position.


Bernard Ewiak WR , moved across town to the New York Jets after the Giants refused to budge from their initial offer. Ewiak holds almost every Giants Receiving Record and will be missed.

Joey Bosa DE top sack man for the Giants left for the other New York team in Buffalo.


1-2 Chester Bryant - LT

School: Augustana

Height: 6' 0”

Weight: 295 lbs

In a draft which was stacked on lineman Bryant was too good to pass up. Bryant showed top of the line strength as well as being above average in pass blocking and run blocking. Bryant has looked great in practice and is expected to be a starter from day 1.

Rated - Excellent

2-1 Braden Reynolds - DE

School: Missouri

Height: 6' 3”

Weight: 280 lbs

Reynolds is a top edge rusher who will compete with last years DE Sam Hubbard. Reynolds at Missouri was an excellent at rushing the passer. Reynolds also has a nose for the football as well as above average in run defense. He projects to be a 4 down DE.

Rated - Very Good

3-4 Roosevelt Winters - WR

School: UCLA

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 187 lbs

Winters is not expected to replace Ewiak, but he does have the potential to be a starting WR. His best attributes are once he touches the ball as his above average rating in Punt Returns and 3rd down catching and Getting Down field. A perfect slot receiver.

Rated - Good

4-3 Archie Bennet - SILB

School: San Diego State

Height: 6' 0”

Weight: 232 lbs

Middle Line back that showed some talent at run defense. Giants provides additional depth at the linebacker position for run defense. Expected to be a backup long term.

Rated - Average
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Re: Giants Season Preview

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Nice Review Ranger
I liked your Draft
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Re: Giants Season Preview

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Keep Adam Gase! We will not miss Ewiak and he'll be out half the season with a broken foot. At 35, is this the end for the future HOFer? Dude has 99 career receiving TDs!
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Re: Giants Season Preview

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Hopefully Ewiak gets to 100 TDs..

I was re-reading my review from 2022.. Was great having Garciaparra and Ewiak for there prime years.

[1-2] Bernard Ewiak- SE
School: Nicholls State
Height: 5' 11" (Below Average)
Weight:194lbs (Way Below Average)

Home Town Analysis
Reminds me of Zachery Garciaparra.
Another Wide Receiver to help open up the field. Scouting Bars provide a building block for the future after the QB went off the board.

Role: Possible Starting WR (Very Underrated) Low Vol helps
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Re: Giants Season Preview

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Man, those two haunted us for years
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