Giants - 2027 Season Preview

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Giants - 2027 Season Preview

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rushing offense - 27th
passing offense - 1st
rushing defense - 28th
passing defense - 1st

Key Additions
Horace Daft K - Replaces Trevor Gonzalez who made 25 of 31 before heading to the bay to join the Raiders. Daft played sparingly in Cincinnati but was fairly accurate in 2025 making 31-34. Giants expect him to not miss a beat.
Clarence Johnston and Gage Reser DT - Giants were ranked 27th in rushing defense. Sorry to see Doug Walkey walk out the door as 3rd on the Giant's all-time on the sack list. Reser, Johnston and holdover Leland Carlson hope to improve the Giants run defense.

[1-29] Levon Leake G
School: Texas Tech
Height: 6' 3" (Below Average)
Weight: 298 lbs (Way Below Average)

Hometown analysis: Leake strength is the run blocking and his relentless approach to the game. The Running game was a weak spot for the Giants. Leake should be a day 1 starter with Riddick Gilmore at Guard

[2-29] Hugh James MLB
School: Oregon
Height: 6' 1" (Average)
Weight:243 lbs (Below Average)
Hometown analysis: James strengths has shown the instincts to be a good MLB with the ability to blitz. He replaces Graham Sarmiento who went to Denver in the off season. With a 59% developed rating he is expected to see a lot of time on the field.

[3-29] Aiden Logan RB
School: Tulane
Height: 6' 0" (Above Average)
Weight: 219lbs (Average)
Hometown analysis: Is this the end of Brook Delgado? Logan has the size be a primary back. He sees holes and has shown the breakaway speed the Giants need to turn around their run defense. He will pair with last years Oliver Lucas to split the RB duties.

[4-29] Jeffrey McGettigan DT
School: Duke
Height: 6' 3" (Average)
Weight: 318 lbs (Above Average)
Hometown analysis: Pass Rushing DT, suited to play the RDT in our 4-3 defense. Shows remarkable agility for a man his size and the ability to get to the point of attack. With some refinement in his tackling expected to be a big contributor down the road.
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