New York Giants 2022 Draft

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New York Giants 2022 Draft

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Really wanted the 1st pick to solve our problem at QB.. Unfortunately things didn't work out.. Or did they..

[1-2] Bernard Ewiak- SE
School: Nicholls State
Height: 5' 11" (Below Average)
Weight:194lbs (Way Below Average)

Home Town Analysis
Reminds me of Zachery Garciaparra.
Another Wide Receiver to help open up the field. Scouting Bars provide a building block for the future after the QB went off the board.

Role: Possible Starting WR (Very Underrated) Low Vol helps

Draft Rating: Very Good

[2-1] Harold Hancock- SS
School: Northwestern
Height: 5' 11" (Below Average)
Weight:197 lbs (Way Below Average)

Home Town Analysis
Need safety help and Hancock is the guy. Looks good against the run and should be a good hitter. Don Cooper might need to make sure he gets into camp.

Role: If he as a strong camp he may take won of the starting safety positions.

Draft Rating: Good

[3-2] Gerald Wooten -C
School: Clark Atlanta
Height: 6' 0" (Way Below Average)
Weight:279 lbs (Way Below Average)

Home Town Analysis
Drafted for depth, backing up Harold Senter. Looks initially solid at the run game with the ability to push around bigger linemen with his top line block strength

Role: Backup C , possible 1st string center

Draft Rating: Good

[4-2] Hector Quintana- OLB
School: Minnesota
Height: 6' 1" (Below Average)
Weight: 238 lbs (Average)

Home Town Analysis
Always need line backers. Shows good Pass rush technique and bump and run coverage. Low Vol is promising that he will show up in good shape at camp

Role: backup WLB , possible starter.

Draft Rating: Good
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Re: New York Giants 2022 Draft

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If you can get a half decent QB in the next couple of years, you should be able to compete with those stud receivers
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